Annual Conference – Leading Into The Coaching Future

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are delighted to meet you again on 26th of October 2017 for our annual conference designed this time to inspire you connect to the emerging future of both leadership and coaching.

We have invited international professional coaches, inspirational speakers and leaders that will offer rich and practical perspectives meant to grow you personally and professionally.

The event is designed for professional coaches, leaders, managers and entrepreneurs, HR Managers or HR Specialists, internal & external coaches and executives. The intention is to draw valuable insights on the power and value of professional coaching as a mean to support the flow of leadership in individuals, teams, organisations and society.

This year speakers:

John Whittington (UK) is the founder of Coaching Constellations and is lead facilitator on all programmes from Fundamentals Part II to Practitioner. His book, ‘Systemic Coaching and Constellations’ was published in 2nd Edition in 2016. His interactive workshop ‘Systemic Coaching and Constellations – Past Present and Future.’ will explain the approach and where it come from (past); the way it is used now (present) and a view of the future and the place of systemic coaching in the future of coaching.

Nikos Lambridis (Greece) is the Organizational Behaviour Course Leader and Senior Coach at The University of Sheffield Executive MBA. He will provide us an interactive workshop about
Coaching Mindful Leaders with the Brain in Mind. Bring NeuroCoaching to Your Practice.”

Most leadership books and training programs focus on how leaders can achieve more—do more, better, faster, with spectacular results. We’ve become obsessed with continuous improvement at increasing speed, with resulting rising stress levels to leaders and their followers and deteriorating relationships.  Mindfulness as both a leadership practice and workplace culture holds the promise to bring back balance and better health.

While it is true that the effectiveness of leaders is determined by the results they achieve, those results are an outcome of the impact the leaders have on others. Behavior is driven by thinking and emotions. Thinking and emotions can be a result of mindfulness or mindlessness.

Neuroscience research clearly established that we act, decide and choose as a result of inner forces, often unconscious, and the brain’s reactive and protective mechanisms often rule us. Research also points to the existence of emotions being contagious and viral in the workplaces, often initiated by the emotional states of leaders.

There’s a price to pay for our breakneck speed to continuously improve, and produce…

Our guest speaker, Mr. Lambridis, will provide us with an hour and a half intensive learning experience, focused on aspects like Neuroscience, self and social awareness, goal setting, performance management, unconscious bias, influencing others, collaboration, and leadership. Draw from his 30 years of experiences in over 12 countries, using a range of existing talks or workshops, we believe this is the ideal event especially for you.

Daphna Horowitz MCC (Israel) with Seven principles of leadership power: using power for extraordinary impact

When we hear the word power, what thoughts and feelings does it evoke in us?
Leadership power is defined by the way we use our ability to influence others and lead.
However, it is often seen negatively, in a way that refers to leaders abusing their power by having a command-and-tell approach and using fear to get people to do what they want.
At the same time, leadership without power is ineffective.
Power itself is a neutral construct – neither good nor bad. It’s how we put it to use that determines its impact. Power has meaning when we apply it to our leadership and our relationships.

Drawing on her work as leadership coach and her experience of climbing Kilimanjaro, Daphna takes participants on an exciting journey exploring leadership power and its practical application in leadership and coaching. This is an interactive workshop where participants walk away with an understanding of how to bring out positive leadership power for maximum impact.

Aylin Bozkurt Tüzmen PCC (Turkey) with session “New Leadership in the New Era of Industry 4.0”

Industry 4.0 have significant impacts on organizational and leadership context. Those impacts surely impose new challenges to the leaders.

The IBM Global CEO study results are not a surprise. Over 1,500 CEOs put the pace of the change and the complexity of the challenges faced to the top of the future leadership challenges. In addition to this complexity, challenges for future leaders are: information overload that ‘Big data’ brings, the interconnectedness of systems and business communities, the dissolving of traditional organizational boundaries, new technologies that disrupt old work practices, increased globalization leading to the need to lead across cultures than ever before plus new generations entering the work place with very different values and expectations.

The impact and challenges prove that Industry 4.0 is really challenging current notions of hierarchy and leadership. To overcome these challenges, we need a new definition of leadership. So how will leadership transform? What leadership skills/qualities emerge in the new era of Industry 4.0, and how can coaching support leaders to create these ‘complex’ capacities of thinking and more importantly ‘being’ that Industry 4.0 requires? Please join to find out, explore, and inspire fresh perspectives on coaching in the new era.

Fabrizia Ingenito PCC (Italy) with “Managers are alone”, offering tips of reflection and practical tools for the development of managerial paths of “Effective Communication” and “Trusted Relationship” development in the corporate world.

“Managers are alone” is a thought arising from a constant reflection in her 10 years of experience as a corporate coach. The reflection is addressed to those managers who are in difficulty in their role for the pressing expectations that the role plays upward and downward, especially from the point of view of relationship and people management.

Location: Bulevardul Expozitiei nr. 1 F, sector 1, Bucuresti (inside of UniCredit Bank headquarters)

Registration Fee
Prices for members:

Early booking – until 30th of September: €75

Full price – after 30th of September: €90

Prices for non-members:

Early booking – until 30th of September: €105

Full price – after 30th of September: €130

Groups of 3 persons and more: €95 euro/attendee

*All group members must be registered together, and additional members cannot be added after registration has been submitted.


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