Laurentiu Horubet – A Life of Values / Cluj

The easiest way to look at values and their importance is to examine how you make important decisions. Think about the last time you had to decide on something that mattered, or a decision you want to make for your future. What was behind your decision? Why did you make that decision and not another one? When you’re in a dilemma, how do you decide? How do you know it’s the right call?

Our values are the expression of our needs, of what we feel is missing in our lives and what we require to remain in a state of balance, both with ourselves and with those around us. They are a key source of our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and every decision we make is either a conscious or unconscious attempt to satisfy what we value. When we choose to explore and understand our values, we start integrating them into all aspects of our life (relationships, work, family etc.) and that is when we feel internal alignment – being true to ourselves, who and what we really are. Choosing not to do so, leads to internal misalignment – a sense of emptiness with regard to the meaning and purpose of our lives, feeling stuck in a constant routine in which we cannot find ourselves.

During our 3 ours together, you will:

  • reach a deeper understanding of what values are and how they shape your decision in all aspects of your life
  • learn the difference between values and beliefs
  • explore the 7 levels of human consciousness and what values they reflect
  • begin to explore your personal values and what you need to do to integrate them in your personal and professional life

profile photoAbout Laurentiu Horubet- As a coach, my mission is to create a space for my clients in which they can access untapped sources of strength within them, in order to better connect with who they are, embrace their values and create purpose and significance in what they do.

I create this space with honesty, kindness and perspective, for my clients to reflect on their inner workings (attitudes, mindset, belief system) in a way that feels safe, non-judgemental and encouraging. It is my strong belief that, in this way, they can access strengths within them they never knew they had and build sustainable resilience beyond the coaching relationship.

I’ve worked with clients from many industries (computer software, IT, public & private education, oil & gas, telecom, tax & audit consulting, banking), in 13 countries and my professional passions are values-based leadership, evolutionary coaching, difficult conversations and developing a growth mindset.

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