Cluj – Developing Resilience and Mental Toughness

“Inspiring Talks with Professional Coaches” – CLUJ is a monthly event organized for all ICF- members and the community followers with the purpose of a continuing development, sharing resources and bringing value to the coaching industry.

This third gathering facilitated in Cluj is on Thursday, 8th of March. Save the date, be playful and join us!

Developing Resilience and Mental Toughness

Resilience is our ability to adapt and bounce back when things don’t go as planned. Resilient people don’t dwell on failures; they acknowledge the situation, learn from their mistakes, and then move forward.  But what is really behind the mindset of highly resilient and mentally strong people? What are the strategies adopted by those individuals to increase and embed the change they want to make?

In this workshop, we will look into the core of resilience and mental toughness – from the theorists and the research to the application of techniques and tools to become more resilient. Together we will explore and learn some of those techniques and build our own toolbox of exercises. We will practice, discuss and even plan our journey to becoming more resilient individuals.

As coaches, it is also important for us to support our clients in becoming confident, in control, ready to challenge themselves and strongly committed – these are the four facets of mental toughness and having a deep understanding of those elements not only make us better coaches but also enable us to truly connect with the client across from us by shining the light on the areas that will have most impact.

Our special guest is Julien Lefort. For the last 15 years, he worked in both non-profit and private sector. He has grown a passion for developing people and for empowering them to learn, grow and discover their inner self.

His journey has taken him through the implementation of people development programs around topics such as culture and values, employee engagement, mentoring, training, leadership development and building competency-based frameworks. He has worked with young individuals all the way through to senior executives giving me a well-rounded experience and adding breadth of expertise to my knowledge.

Julien graduated from a Business School and hold a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources. He is also an ICF Associate Certified Coach, a Certified Practitioner for Strengths Profile, MBTI, EQi 2.0/EQ 360 and MTQ48 and hold a Diploma in Training Delivery Skills from the Training Foundation.

Location: Pink Room, Intesa Sala Training, 74, Bucuresti St, Cluj Napoca

Timeframe: 09.00-12.00

ICF Members will have a participation fee of 80 Ron in order to cover the organizational costs. Non-members fee is 100 Ron.

ICF members that have an accreditation can receive 2 Resource Development Units by participating at this event!

We have a limited number of participants at 20. So, please complete with earnest the following registration form in order to take count of your participation!