International Coaching Week 2017 Activities


ExperienceCoachingWebBannerAbout International Coaching Week

International Coaching Week (ICW) is an annual weeklong global celebration of the coaching profession. ICW 2017 is scheduled for May 15-21, 2017.

Originally started in 1999 by ICF Member Jerri N. Udelson, MCC, ICW is intended to educate the public about the value of working with a professional coach and to acknowledge the results and progress made through the coaching process.

During this week, coaches around the world offer a variety of activities and pro bono services in their local communities to enable others to Experience Coaching and its benefits firsthand.

Here’s what ICF Romania is doing to celebrate ICW 2017 with your help!

In service to our community, ICF Romania is excited to collaborate with ICF Ambassadors in Cluj and Iasi and Bucharest by providing from 3-5 hours of pro bono coaching hours to all that want to experience coaching this week.

Starting the week of May 15th, you may want to contact ICF coaches that will offer their coaching services for the International Coaching Week. Please establish times and dates for all coaching sessions this week. All you have to do is to choose your professional coach from the list below and then write them directly. (just copy-paste the e-mail address) Experience pro-bono coaching with a professional coach only this week!

  • Adela Iepure:
  • Alina Hurubean:
  • Anda Suta:
  • Daiana Stoicescu:
  • Daniela Croitoru:
  • Daniel Stamin:
  • Ermil Diaconescu:
  • Felicia Stoica:
  • Florina Arshad:
  • Georgeta Stoian:
  • Magda Tepoi:
  • Mihai Stoica:
  • Monica Dudoiu:
  • Monica Muresan:
  • Monica Nicolescu:

Spread the word about International Coaching Week to the members of your personal and professional network, as well as via social media.

This year the International Coaching Week (ICW) is inviting individuals and organizations to “Experience Coaching”. As a professional community we want to spread the coaching culture and make everyone aware of professional coaching, the benefits it brings, and how it works.

ICF Romania is offering the opportunity to experience coaching with professional coaches which are focused on providing pro-bono coaching to members of organizations, non-profits, universities, chambers and other institutions. We are aiming high and we want to commit to offer a great coaching experience.

To learn more about ICF Romania’s ICW 2017 celebration, reply to this e-mail at