Step into the solution

“Inspiring Talks with Professional Coaches” is a monthly event organized for all ICF- members and the community followers with the purpose of a continuing development, sharing resources and bringing value to the coaching industry.

This month gathering is on Thursday, 30th of March.

Asking powerful questions is one of the key competencies we develop as a coach. We can even add another dimension in coaching by introducing the ‘language of space’ into conversations.  By moving in different perspectives we can explore, simulate and experience various options using the perception of our body. So what impact does it have when I ask my client questions while using different places in the room? These and other questions we will explore in the little workshop and experience how we can invite the client to ‘Step into the solution’.

Petra Mueller-Demary  is founder of Solutionsurfers Romania, an ICF accredited coaching school based in Switzerland. In her coaching practice she combines several systemic approaches such as solution focus and systemic constellations. She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Human Resources and Management Development. After several years in  the Management Development Department in an international company she continued her carrier as an independent consultant and supported her clients with various projects as a Coach, Team Coach and Systemic Business Consultant.

Petra is accredited PCC coach and board member of the SFiO – Solution focus in organisations. As a member of the solutionsurfers faculty she runs the ICF accredited  BRIEF coaching training program in Romania (Bucharest & Timisoara).

The event will take place on Thursday,  30th of March, 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

Location: Bulevardul Expozitiei nr. 1 F, sector 1, Bucuresti (inside of UniCredit Bank headquarters, “Bucuresti” room).

ICF Members will have a participation fee of 80 Ron in order to cover the organizational costs. Non-members fee is 100 Ron.

ICF members that have an accreditation can receive 2 Core Competencies Units by participating at this event!

We have a limited number of participants at 20. So, please complete with earnest the following registration form in order to take count of your participation!