Lisa Bloom is a highly professional and accomplished Storyteller, Training & Development Specialist and Professional Certified Coach (ICF) with more than 20 years experience working in public and private sectors, high-tech and financial services environments. Lisa helps women entrepreneurs beat exhaustion, overwhelm and stress and find confidence, balance and earn more money by finding their success story.

And she can spin a great yarn!

The real magic, however, has been in combining Lisa’s greatest passions, experience and skills to create Story Coach.

ICF Romania has the honor to present Lisa Bloom for our next CCEU meeting, December 9, 18:30. Number of CCEU hours: 1.5

There is an on line event powered by IConsultants. The number of participants is limited at 15. For registration send mail to

Storytelling is an age-old tradition originating in all cultures and in many different settings; it takes place around the fire, or over the washing of clothes in the river or by the well while watering the animals; it takes place on the bus, train, on the telephone, by email and during dinner parties. 

It is the way people have connected and shared their lives with each other since the beginning of time.

CCEU Certificate fee: 10 EURO(+VAT)/CCEU hour for members, 20 EURO(+VAT)/hour for non – members (this fee applies only to the persons that want the certificate)

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