In a world facing turbulence, cultural challenges, political issues and financial crisis, 31 ICF country chapters spanning Europe, Middle-East & Africa have joined forces embracing their varied origins, religions and cultures to create a wonderful initiative of co-creation: ‘ICF on Tour—Coaching Beyond Boundaries’.

ICF on Tour embodies the spirit of community, care, love and respect which are core principles for ICF coaches. ICF represents the highest quality of professional coaching in the world and all ICF Coaches strive to work together towards making coaching an integral part of a thriving society.

31 countries in EMEA will collaborate around the ICF on Tour event with an official kick-off in Belgium on September 21st 2015.  The coaching relay will then proceed throughout 36 cities in the EMEA region to conclude in Spain and the Czech Republic on November 26th.

The purpose of ICF on Tour is to promote the power and value of professional coaching provided by ICF coaches across the EMEA region and the world, and to celebrate the breadth and depth of the ICF coaching community in our 20th year.

Join our 7000+ ICF members in EMEA, and over 50 catalyst speakers with a powerful high-level of expertise and ICF credentialing, all of whom will make ICF on Tour a reality and an extraordinary experience for all participants.

2 International keynote speakers, Jean-François Noubel from France and Caitlin Walker from the United Kingdom will lead this inaugural ICF on Tour initiative and share their expertise and knowledge. They will dialogue on collective intelligence and clean language with the whole community, speaking live at the kick-off and closing events and also interacting with all countries and the community throughout the whole ICF on Tour, sharing thought-provoking ideas and views, asking powerful questions and co-creating with all countries and participants around the idea of enabling a better and more sustainable future as leaders and as human beings.

Each ICF on Tour event will be unique and will build over 2 months to an extraordinary collaboration, encompassing at least one of the four over-arching themes chosen for the occasion:

  • Creating a coaching culture in organisations

A growing number of organisations recognise the value in building a coaching culture that offers employees at all levels the opportunity to grow their skills, enhance their value and reach their professional goals. Still, questions remain: What does a successful coaching culture look like? How can organisations design a coaching culture that is impactful, sustainable and aligned with strategic goals? Our catalysts on this topic will explore these questions and more, so that organisations can better understand how to move to their next level and implement coaching in a powerful and effective way.

  • Executive leadership and entrepreneurial coaching

In just a few short decades, executive coaching has gone from a tool to correct the underperforming to the organisational development tool of choice for leaders and emerging leaders. Many organisations are turning to coaching to give employees the extra edge they need providing individualised and immediate feedback for today’s leaders.  Join our expert speakers to learn more about the emerging trends in executive leadership and entrepreneurial coaching

  • Scientific rationale as to why and how coaching works

Many coaches in the world are using various techniques and expertise to develop unique and powerful coaching, based on neuroscience, psychology and many other tremendous coaching approaches and tools developed the last decade.  Our dedicated speakers on this topic will demonstrate and share the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ of what makes coaching work based on scientific rationale and research.

  • The power of coaching and its impact

Professional Coaching is proven to result in increased productivity, positive people and has a huge return on investment. This has been studied in depth and established through a number of ICF Global research studies over the last few years. The International Coach Federation invests each year into robust and rigorous industry research to demonstrate the highly effective nature of coaching. This supports the community of ICF professional coaches, and their clients, to stand tall, confident in with best knowledge of industry trends to inform their decisions.

Full copies of ICF research are available here and summary reports are available for free to the general public.

ICF on Tour Events and Dates

September 21: ICF Belgium
September 23: ICF United Kingdom
September 23: ICF Norway
September 24: ICF Greece
September 24: ICF Austria

September 26: ICF Ireland
September 29 – 30: ICF Russia
September 30 – October 1: ICF Bulgaria
October 1: ICF Lithuania
October 2: ICF Latvia
October 5: ICF Sweden
October 7: ICF Morocco
October 8: ICF Portugal
October 9: ICF Germany
October 9: ICF Finland
October 9 – 10: ICF Poland
October 13: ICF Switzerland (Zurich)
October 13: ICF South Africa (Johannesburg)
October 14: ICF South Africa (Cape Town)
October 22: ICF Italy
October 31: ICF Dubai
November 4: ICF Hungary
November 4: ICF Oman
November 5: ICF Romania
November 12: ICF Spain (Barcelona)
November 12: ICF Kenya
November 17: ICF Israel
November 17: ICF France
November 18: ICF Luxemburg
November 20: ICF Switzerland (Geneva)
November 24: ICF Netherlands
November 25: ICF Nigeria
November 26: ICF Spain (Madrid)
November 26: ICF Czech Republic

Founded in 1995, the International Coach Federation (ICF) is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification, and building a worldwide network of credentialed coaches. The ICF’s core purpose is to advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching.

The ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Contact details:

Want to attend the press lunch at the kick-off event in Brussels or to organise a remote interview with one of our ICF Global board members, CEO or national ICF chapter presidents?

Please contact our ICF RSC Senior Manager for EMEA, Isabelle Maes at or +32 2 840 87 29 or Daiana Stoicescu in Romania at or 0040-730177495

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