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Challenge your Leadership Coaching


Alan Seale, PCC, MSC; Andrew Atter; Alain Cardon,MCC

What are we talking about?

How coaching have a broader impact in the world? We are excited this year to bring you a dynamic group of international speakers who will inspire, inform and challenge you to take your coaching further in having a real world impact.

How to implement a coaching project into your organization and the outcomes of it

Leadership coaching  – case study – Project Implemented in Vodafone

Step into the mindset of today’s leaders and explore “What do we really, really want from our coaches?”

Leadership and Transformational Coaching in organizations

Findings from Leaders involved in Coaching Projects in their organizations

As the organizations continue to evaluate the effectiveness of their people – related strategies and programs, most coaches find they must demonstrate the real impact coaching makes to an organization. Coaching is an effective solution for retaining top talent. The challenge for most coaches is how to credibly measure coaching’s impact in retaining talent.

This year we are honored to present you three international Keynote speakers – “The 3 A’s”


Alan Seale, PCC, MSC, Leadership and Transformation Coach, Founder and Director of the Center for Transformational Presence, Author of Intuitive Living, Soul Mission * Life Vision, The Manifestation Wheel and most recently The Power of Your Presence


Andrew Atter, International Business Coach, Ex Managing Partner Marshal Goldsmith CEE, President of ICF Poland in 2007.


Alain Cardon, MCC, Breakthrough Catalyst, Performance Booster, Perspective Agitator, … (coach)

Stay with us for further details regarding the program, location and prices.

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