ICF Romania has the honor to present you Troy Yorke, CPCC, MM,  in our next CCEU meeting on February 8, 19:00


Specific subjects to be covered:

– Cleaner articulation of what is happening in the moment (behavior,language, body language, voice)
– More courageous intuition from the coach to provoke a stronger intuition and awareness on the client’s part
– Introduction to “Relationship Awareness” and “Relationship Dynamics” -identifying behaviours that emerge between coach and client as a metaphor for how the client is expressing deep-seated beliefs – this opens the door
for deeper truths to emerge and explore.
– Demo coaching and debrief of skills modeled

Number of CCEU hours: 1.5

There is an on line event(using WeBex) powered by IConsultants. The number of participants is limited at 15. For registration send mail to raluca.chinole@iconsultants.ro.

CCEU Certificate fee: 10 EURO(+VAT)/CCEU hour for members, 20 EURO(+VAT)/hour for non – members (this fee applies only to the persons that want the certificate)

About Troy Yorke

International Coach Trainer and Program Designer, Troy Yorke, CPCC, MM,
draws from fields as diverse as Quantum Physics, Taoism, Buddhism, Psychology, NLP, and Acting/Improv Technique to pioneer new transformative models that are cutting edge in the field of Human Development, Coaching and Leadership. He travels internationally as a faculty  member for the renowned Coaches Training Institute and is a Personal Success Coach for Executive Leaders and Arts & Entertainment Professionals.  He is also an award-winning concert pianist, composer, professional actor, and producer.
His diverse background and expertise makes him a dynamic trainer, coach and facilitator who focuses on natural brilliance as the means to excel.


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