An ICF press release shows the current number for members is over 25.000 and more that 16 000 are credentialed.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) the credentialing process is not a easy one and you need to have a solid knowledge in order to become an ICF accredited coach.

The coaching schools are growing the number of students year by year considering the fact that besides independent coaches, more and more the multinationals companies are willing to develop internal coaches. The question is: are all of them really delivering their promises?

If we look at the number of suppliers in Romania for example, there are just a few offering ACSTH programs (which means that the training hours included in the program are accredited by ICF). After this type of program you can start your portofolio accreditation journey (obtaining practicing hours, mentoring etc.).

A complete solution offering certification, which means integration of knowledge with practice and supervision according to ICF standards, which are called ACTP is hard to find as a one-stop solution.

For a simple reason: schools like this need a special curriculum, a number of accredited ICF trainers and at least one MCC (Master Certified Coach) to assess and approve certifications.

As an interested prospect for this new profession you will be bombarded by other non-accredited programs which copy structures and make all kind of affirmations, without any proven results.

Some examples are: alignment with a number of organizations, hours of practice for trainers that are not documented or registered, 12-15 years of experience in coaching, and so on…

In the corporate world it is well known and recognized the ICF golden standard for accreditation both for coaches and coaching schools, so if you will choose a new path it’s good to make sure you are receiving the value you deserve.

Please check our accredited programs page to see this autumn new series.

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